Zombie Survival Academy – TotenTage / Dead Dayz

“The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. Horribly enough, right here in HK. You need to find the antidote to survive…”

The Zombie Survival Adventure Game is an immersive zombie survival experience over multiple locations, with multiple paths. Survivor players must sneak, run and (safely) fight their way through a gauntlet of Zombie players, racing against other Survivors to obtain the antidote and the glory of finishing the game. It is a light weight, first contact scenario with minimal production needs, perfectly suitable for enhancing existing parties, mini-festivals or event hubs. It can also scale up to be a stand alone event.

Adventurous members of the public are taken from the party/foyer (in groups of 2-4) into a corridor escorted by a geared up Zombie Defence Academy (ZDA) performer. Players are then inducted into the game rules, given a foam sword or fake decoy brain, a “life harness” (which Zombies are aiming to collect), and directions leading towards the antidote. Along the way, players encounter additional ZDA Agents to help guide and further immerse Survivors in the Apocalypse. And, of course, they will encounter Zombies.

To be successful, Survivors must retrieve the antidote and return to the initial party/base/foyer, where it will be used in a mixed drink as immediate reward. Back in the party, Survivors can share stories of near death experiences with other players, public and teammates.

The Zombie Church is the initial ground zero, the base where Zombie players are created. Held by the Voodoo Priest performer, the initial mass of public Zombies are inducted, trained and given face make up, during a pre-event Zombification ritual/party. During the game, captured Survivors have the option of “dying” and leaving the game or undergoing Zombification at the Zombie Church, and thus continuing play: hunting and lurking as the infected.

Keith Lim

is a Jack of All Trades, Masters in SoDA. His work is a mashup of interactivity, performance art, dance, tech and ritual practices: resulting in physical theatre, interactive festival installations and immersive game art.

He is the brain behind the Zombie Survival Adventure Game bringing it to Burning Man regional festivals, Nowhere (ES) and The Borderlands (DK) in 2015, Creative Tech week NYC, and training performers to process over 70 people through the experience.

Residency manager with Illutron(.dk), a floating interactive arts maker’s ship in Copenhagen harbour, creating work for Fritz Hansen, Haven and Roskilde Festivals, and Obscura/Vertigo.

He’s presented his solo techno-shamanic video feedback ritual performance “re:self->” in NYC’s Lower East Side; a Kinect enabled “BodyMouth” in association with Haywood Gallery and Boomtown Fair (UK), and played online flash games non-stop for 64 hours at Belluard Bollwerk International (CH).

Past performance work include Mårten Spångberg’s “Geo-trauma Dance” at Impulz Tanz (AT), puppetry with Erth Physical and Visual (AU); and dance with Branch Nebula (AU) and Atypical Theatre (AU). Keith is also a creative technician, including work for Blast Theory (UK) and differenceEngine’s sellout interactive theft experience “Heist Live” (UK).