21 Uhr I Studio 14 I Agata Siniarska: the soft act of killing

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the soft act of killing

the soft act of killing – a solo performance for 50,000 dead cells, 10 billion bacteria, 30,000 roentgens of radiation per hour, 23 litres of air, a Richter magnitudem of 7.8  of an earthquake, and the audience.

by agata siniarska
mentors: litó walkey, sophia new
inside/outside eye: ania nowak, mateusz szymanówka, diego agulló
lights: diego agulló

special thanks to: eva meyer-keller, julia rodriguez, sonia fernandez pan, alice heyward, christian hackenberger, franziska dieterich, maque pereyra, soda students 2016/18, soda teachers, the audience

Agata Siniarska

makes works within formats of performances, events, practices, lectures, videos, TV programme and others. She is interested in knowledge, that explores various mediums, protocols, strategies of its own production and does not apply any hierarchy to itself. These are all the detours, twists, turns through knowing and confusion: from aliens, imaginative blobs, slime molds, sweat, scientific facts, air particles, discourses, affects, personal dramas, gossips, zeros, thoughts, inner speeds, transplants, women – all knowledge that seeks not to explain but to involve.

Agata is a founding member of female trouble – a collective revolving around identity, body, feminisms, pleasure, affirmation and love, as well as a co-founder of Pinpoint TV, an artistic research project in the format of an internet TV programme, set within intersecting art-scenes of Berlin.

Her present project is a research around dance as a soft act of killing.

Final presentations of the two years research