The Bride

2017 | 40 min | dance performance for theater Choreography and Performance: Luo Yuebing Image and Sound: Found Materials on Internet

This project plans to unpack what is inside and is extendable in the role of the bride in modern wedding ritual. It remains within a woman’s individual sphere to look into marriage as (if) a significant institution and important phenomenon in personal history. The project touches notions of gender, family, and sexuality in contemporary familial and social context.

The work revolves around a found video disk of one Chinese wedding ceremony, which documents a typical three-day ritual in the popular ‘modernized traditional’ style. The camera lens sets a persistent focus on the bride, depicting her frequent change of outfits, her shifts of emotions and physical states, her engagement with ceremonial objects and sets, and her endless interaction with fluxes of people.

In this found video, the image of the bride functions as a structural frame signifying the progression of the whole event, like a visual score of a long choreography. The image, with its richness of symbols and a quality pointing to a weird combination of sacredness and entertainment, holds a place of contemplation on what woman and marriage nowadays stands for: an almost erotic consumption of violence.

Luo Yuebing

(born 1982 in China) is dancer and choreographer based in Berlin and Shanghai. Her artistic interests focus on choreographic practice involved with the relation of the body to images. Her works draw their strength from the tension revealed through expressive image (which are taken as process rather than fixed visual entity) where human subject is in contact with time, with inanimate beings, or with built environments.

Luo’s works have been presented extensively in China in theaters, festivals, museums and public-spaces. In resent years her individual and collaborative works have been presented internationally in venues and festivals such as (among others) Hellerau European Center of the Arts (Dresden), Mousonturm (Frankfurt a. M.), Maison de la Danse (Lyon), Seoul Art Center, Yokohama Dance Collection, Zawirowania Dance Theater Festival (Warsaw), etc. Luo holds a BA in English Literature from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and a MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship from HZT (Inter-University Center of Dance) / UdK Berlin.