19 Uhr I Studio 14 I Maque Pereyra: TaypiMami//footnotes to myself

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TaypiMami//footnotes to myself

(dedicated to my brother Diego)

/Feel how what I have to tell you vibrates/

TaypiMami is a hyper existential, deeply spiritual dialogue with the real/imagined selves I was/am and the ones I will be. Decolonial aesthetics and notions, personal stories, states of mind and movement practices, gather at the intersection with identity, memory, healing strategies, rituals, and the agency of sensuality and sexuality. It draws into the idea of the circularity of time and that healing the present can change the past and the future.

Author: Maque Pereyra
Dates: 21st&22nd of November. 19HRS.

Costume design: Ambra Fiorenza.
Light: Catalina Fernández, Mmakgosi Kgabi-Berge.
Music: Juan Luis Pereyra, Jorge Villaseca.
Photography: Yamila Macías
Sound: Grace Sodre, MP.
Video: Rebecka Ekholm, Pauline Canavesio, Alejandro Pereyra,MP.
Voice, chants: Ana Maria Doria Medina, Carlos Pereyra, Yumi Tapia.
Voice training: Tanja Watoro.
Mentor: Verena Melgarejo.
Special thanks to: Sofía Calizaya, Cajsa Godée, Rocío Marano, Sharón Mercado, Pauline Payen, Belén Resnikowski, Laia Rivera, Agata Siniarska, Cecilia Vilca.

Photo credits: picture: @Yamila Macías composition: @Verena Melgarejo

Final presentations of the two years research