< Still Moving – solo version >

Choreography and Performance: Jeeae Lim

Duration: 30 minutes

My eyes are looking out of the window onto tomorrow. My ears are listening to birds singing from far away yesterday. My left cheek touches and smells the leaves from my ancestral trees. My arms are drawing water from a well and pour it into the air…

This is how I learned to dance when I was young. Throughout the years, during my education in traditional and modern dance, I embodied various stereotypes of movements and concepts of the body. <Still Moving – solo version> is about looking at my body as a moving archive. My body is an individual and independent archive of what it absorbed through time and social construction. The initial point of this solo work is to engage with my dance educational background in Korean dance, the European and the American modern/contemporary dance, deploying them at the same time on the same body. It is a physical way of traveling through different trajectories of my body memories, experiences and encounters from selected moments of Korean dance history that are deeply inscribed in my body. The trajectories will be presented in chronological order. The selected years mean to represent longer periods of time and certain dance styles and ideologies will be connected into the respective period. Each of time will locate my body in a different notion and context in relation to my dance training.

Jee-Ae Lim

comes from a traditional Korean dance background, and has been working on the relationship between the notion of tradition and contemporary in dance. She completed her M.A. in choreography Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at HZT/UdK in Berlin. She was a choreographer in residency at K3- Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg 2013/14, a visiting fellow at the Saison foundation in Tokyo 2014 and at Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) 2015. She was nominated for ‘White Hope’ with her work ‘New Monster’ in the yearbook 2014 of the magazine Tanz Berlin and one of ‘The next generation of young leading artists 2015’ from the magazine Gaeksuk in Korea. In 2013 she received Elsa-Neumann scholarship of the city Berlin and in 2016 a grant from CAA (Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin). She was awarded ‘Less Movement’ at the ImPulsTanz 2013 as part of the 8 Tension. Her artistic practice: looking at the body as a moving archive, exploring her own response to the cultural tradition and the established dance history in relation to its accustomed conventions and stereotypes.

This work has been supported by CAA (Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin).