Something Happens.

All over the world, Something Happens on November 30th at 5pm.

Something happens all the time: it is the pulse of life. Studio 11, Uferstudios, Berlin is part of all over the world: Something Happens there and then.

You, yes you, are invited to the thing that celebrates the ever unfolding happening of this thing.

Do you wonder what will happen there and then? Do you think we know and you don’t? Think again.

Something is an ever unfolding mystery: holding a surprise for each one of us constantly.

Something Happens for everyone, daily.

We celebrate the unpredictability of life.

Unpredictability is palpable: it is a ride.

Tune in and try to listen.

Frequencies waver.

It’s nature: it is wild.

We try to tame it.

Yet, in the end,

What we really

Do is, ride the


Conceptual / Choreographic Collaboration : Evgenia Chetvertkova / Liadain Herriott
Lighting / Sound Operator : Diego Agullo
In conjunction with : Special Guests