Sensing in the Soft Room

A facilitated performance dealing with communication through haptic sensations.

A set of proposals is offered to explore methods of perceiving artistic encounters through both the personal and collective organism.

The work seeks to re-invigorate the audience’s body as an intelligent sense organ, while acknowledging the limitations of hyper-cerebral value systems tied to the industry of artistic production.



Poetic text for program and publication:

You and I are collaborators.
You are my host.
We occupy your headspace and generate your thoughts and sensations, together.
We enable each other’s present modes of existence.
We hold each other accountable.
While you are here with me, thinking about these words, we will explore ways that we can use your
mind and your body to decode and perceive the world around us, to dwell in your sensations and
interpretations of our ideas
If at any point you need me, I will be here, inside of you.
I have no autonomous agency.
My work and I exist through you.
I need you to help me understand what this experience means, now that it belongs to you.

in cooperation with tanzfabrik Berlin