Rock (Rochedo) is a piece in progress, presented in its first public form in October 2017 in the context of Festival Silencio, in Lisbon, as a 30’ performance. It transforms continuously, shaping its contours into a film, book, picture, soundscape, and others yet to come. A work by Rita Roberto and Pedro Ferreira.

Rita Roberto

lives in Lisbon and has been presenting artistic work in the form of exhibitions and performances. She is also dedicated to educational projects within performance and visual arts, teaching in schools and cultural spaces. Graduated in Visual Arts – Painting (Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon); MA SODA Solo/Dance/Authorship (UdK Berlin).

Pedro Ferreira

lives in Lisbon. His artistic work integrates sound research, visual arts and writing. He has been teaching Sound and Image at the Graduate School of Art and Design in Caldas da Rainha, and has created Rumor – atelier de instrumentos musicais, where he is dedicated to the construction of musical instruments and sound research. Graduated in Visual Arts – Painting (Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon).