Out There and In Here

CONCEPT: Ana Kreitmeyer
CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE: Sonja Pregrad and Ana Kreitmeyer
MUSIC: Alen Sinkauz
COSTUME: Sonja Pregrad

This performance is about me, about her, about the edge that separates and binds us, about our encounter which allows me to examine the intentions of her as other, just as she examines my own, this is a performance of the uncertainty that dealing with another always implies, that is, it is about the edge that surrounds us, on stage, in the street, at the station, the edge that protects us and, at the same time, exposes us, it is about the reasons and ways we employ to traverse it and how this crossing, one we could also call touch, changes, encourages, disturbs and instills fear, this is a performance, just like many other performances in this time of fear, about fear itself, about mistrust, about sinister premonition in us and around us, about the confusing question of who is behind it all?, what we are afraid of while we tremble before that that has not happened yet?, it is a performance about the trauma that future brings before us by the very fact that it is to come, as is the next step, as is the next corner, and what is it that awaits us behind it? what resumes or is interrupted there? this is a performance about everything that could but can not be realized as horror and loss, a performance about our inarticulate fears, their opaqueness, about the featureless monster within, one we feed with our overwhelming anticipation, yes, this is also a performance about tension, the tension of that edge, about what may be, or perhaps not, about something that might happen, or may bypass us completely, about the uncertainty that we may or may not be spared, this is a performance about something, about somewhere, about maybe, about the intensity of the uncertain and the unpredictable, in this performance our bodies are mechanisms for production of discomfort, Ana says this performance is from what our body accumulates and lives, Sonja adds it comes from the panic you feel but do not understand, from the anxiety of the world that lives on an embodied edge, but also from the body that adapts to it.

text by Ivana Sajko

Ana Kreitmeyer

She is a dance artist, performer, and a member of the performative collective BADco. She has executed her interest for the body through different practices, from performative to choreographic, from pedagogical to social. As a coauthor, she has been active within the collective BADco. since 2003, and she has developed her own choreographic works. She is an advocate for the independent dance scene in Zagreb, has been a publicly active member of the Croatian Dancers Association for many years as well as the Association’s president since 2016. She is one of cofounders of Ekscena (Experimental Free Scene). She is a certified teacher of ContaKids Method. She graduated from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Sonja Pregrad

She is a dance author, performer, and teacher, with the master’s degree Solo/Dance/Authorship obtained at Universitaet der Kunste Berlin and bachelor’s degree obtained at ArtEZ Arnhem. Her solo works and collaborations with Willy Prager, Silvia Marchig, Marjana Krajac and many others have been performed in festivals in Germany, Croatia and the rest of Europe. Since 2013 she makes innovative performing projects through the artistic organization Fourhanded with Marina Petković Liker. Since 2007, she is one of cofounders and organizers of the festival IMPROSPEKCIJE: Since 2011, she has been a so-organizer of an international project and an interactive dance magazine TASK with Dance Centre TALA. She is teaching within SMASH Berlin programme and the Academy for Fine Arts, Department for Animated Filming and New Media among others. She performs for Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz, Sanja Iveković, Isabelle Schad and others.

The project has been realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, and in collaboration with Perforations Festival, Theatre &TD, Student Centre of the University of Zagreb – Culture of Change and Uferstudios, Berlin.

Thanks to: Ana Savić Gecan, Barbara Friedrich, the team of Croatian Film Association, Cinema Tuškanac, Studio 142, Liberdance and Jelena Erceg