Of the Concrete and the Abstract pt. 2

Of the Concrete and the Abstract pt. 2 is part of a continuing series of performances investigating the intersection of negative and positive freedoms, gender, societal roles and expectations, physical capability, and language. Using prescriptive and descriptive language, predetermined and un-deliberated movement to create a generative matrix, Andrew Wass and Caterina Mocciola will question how language colors and informs our perception of action.

Andrew Wass

By experimenting with aleatoric, improvisational, and indeterminate processes, Andrew Wass formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious processes of composition that are the generative source of much of his works. Influenced heavily by his undergraduate studies of Biochemistry at U.C. San Diego, Andrew works by creating a defined, almost crystalline palette in order to generate a myriad of possibilities. The possibilities are reduced and concentrated in the moments of execution and reception. A member of the Lower Left Performance Collective since 2001, he has taught at universities, festivals, and theaters throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan. Wass has performed with CI luminaries such as Nina Martin, Ray Chung, Scott Wells, Jess Curtis, and Nancy Stark Smith. His performance work has been shown in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Marfa, Tijuana, Berlin, Tokyo, Geneva, Basel, and New York.