A dance of people, plastic, spheres, hair, an ex-duck and other things that we don’t know.

An improbable group of different people and things arrives to an empty space: three dancers, a giant plastic cocoon, an infinite hair tale, three metal eggs, and a feather from an imaginary pink duck. They are in touch, chocking, crossing, traversing and transforming each other. A fictional magic ritual, a playful arena or an energetic game. The same materials metamorphose into different constellations, forms, unforms, landscapes and images, blowing up possibilities. An exciting place where everything vibrates, where people and things have a more horizontal and permeable relationship in an exercise of multiplicity, opening up a sensibility that is much more ecological, critic and creative. A playground where different and specific bodies build a multifarious game of what they are, of what they can do, and how they can transform and become.

Duration: 30 min

For children and adults.


A piece by Elisabete Finger (BR/DE) for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte.
With Dinis Machado (SE/PT), Jorge Gonçalves (PT/DE) e Susana Otero (PT).
Production Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT) | Coproduction Weld (SE).
Created in Residency at Imaginarius Centro de Criação Arte e Espaço Público (St Mª da Feira, PT) and Weld (Estocolmo, SE).

Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte is supported by Governo de Portugal/Secretaria de Estado da Cultura (Direção Geral das Artes) and Câmara Municipal de St Mª da Feira / Feira Viva

NHAKA’s performance at SODA Festival is supported by Goethe Institute.

c Felipe Morozine

Elisabete Finger

Performer and choreographer, she lives in São Paulo, keeping ongoing creative partnerships worldwide. Her artworks pursue a logic of sensations and an ‘eroticism of matter’: a body-matter that fuses, collides, traverses other matter. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann (Curitiba, Brazil, 2004), took part in the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers (France, 2005/2006), and concluded the MA SODA program at UdK/HZT (Berlin, Germany 2010-2011). Elisabete Finger was co-founder and member of Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community (2005 – 2012). She has presented her work in different contexts (dance, performance, visual arts) in Brazil and abroad, supported by Brasilian and German institutions as such: Itaú Cultural, Festival Panorama, FUNARTE, Ministério da Cultura, Goethe Institute, PACT Zollverein, Fabrik Potsdam, Uferstudios, among others.

NHAKA is the third piece Elisabete Finger develops focusing a young audience. Together with BURACO (co-production Pact Zollverein | Uferstudios Berlin| Festival Panorama) and COREOCOLAGEM (performance/installation created in collaboration with visual artist Manuela Eichner at Itaú Cultural São Paulo), NHAKA is part of a group of artworks that proposes a sensorial meeting with matter, exposing and rubbing the textures of the body, projecting and amplifying its fluids, densities, materialities and internal movements generating visual landscapes and performative experiences that recover and expose the corporality of the body.

photo credits
Miguel Refresco