21 Uhr I Studio 14 I Yaron Maïm: Material for Solometrics

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Material for Solometrics

“Material for Solometrics” is a live drawing, dead drawing and living-dead drawing. Located at the intersections of art, design and performance, my revolutionary practice-led research engages with post- digital technology and minoritarian politics in unforeseen ways. In short I’m just an old-fashioned inventor who can’t get enough of drawing.

“Material for Solometrics”, Yaron Maïm.
15 & 16 December 2017.
Uferstudios, Studio 14.
Duration 1 hour.

My collaborators are kAZ, Krisjanis Rijnieks, Fu.

Fu / music composer – fumusic5.bandcamp.com
kAZ / performer & critical conversant
Krisjanis Rijnieks / creative technologist – rijnieks.com
Yaron Maïm / author, performer & costume designer – yayamaim.com

“Material for Solometrics” is the last performance of a series developed throughout the two years of the program. My SODA work is divided into documented small pieces titled “Material for a Solo” and answers the research question “How to Trigger my Bodytool?” via self-reflexive procedures and disidentification techniques.

Material for a Solo I – Je déteste l’art, j’aime ton sexe. (I hate art, I love your sex.)
Material for a Solo II – How to Build a Time Machine? Binding is a Desire to Dance.
Material for a Solo III – Your Pancake Face is the Painting which Thrones over my Bed, Family Representation, Laws on Reproduction.
Material for a Solo IV – Score Co-writing Workshop – Pilo-Erection – The Page as a Performance Space. Material for a Solo V – The Witchumsprung Dance.
Material for a Solo VI – Disintegration Tactics.
Material for a Solo VII – Undo-It-With-Others Workshop.
Material for a Solo VIII – XCVZ, eXit the Cage of the Virtual Zoo.

Special thanks to Kathy-Ann Tan, Sonia Noya, Freemo, Justine Giliberto, Sandra Irsapoullé, Elsa Triquet Rey, Janine Iten, KiAy, Neige Sanchez, Dinah C., Jojo M., Megan Ashton, Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Elene Naveriani, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz, Sophia New, Ric Allsopp.

CC BY-NC-SA 2017