Joint Venture

work-in-progress showing
Cécile Bally & Akseli Aittomäki

Joint Venture is an experimental art project exploring economic value, productivity and financialisation as a social force. It is a collaboration between Cécile Bally and Akseli Aittomäki, encompassing two months of experimental work together.

We start from asking what is value, how economic value is produced, and what are the social and political conditions in and through which value is produced. We use several different approaches towards the questions, working parallel with formal economic thinking, organisation of concrete conditions, as well as with experience and subjectivity shaped by the economy or the economic. ‘Financialisation’, the power of the logic of financing over society, as well as accounting are central terms in our study. Joint Venture presents talks, performing scores, work tasks or video projections assembled into something between an ‘experiment’ and a ‘conference’ on artistic expeditions into finance, accounting and critical theory.

At the SoDA Festival we will present a work-in-progress showing of the project. The performance will premiere in Helsinki in the turn of January-February 2018, produced by Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse, while performances in Berlin will happen later in the spring 2018.

Akseli Aittomäki

is a dance artist and theatre artist whose work is characterised by a dialogue between physical performing and philosophical contemplations. The relationship between corporeality of experience and the construction of social institutions has, for some time, been a focus of his interests. Akseli has been working in the experimental theatre and contemporary dance scene in Finland for over ten years, and has also a background as a researcher in social epidemiology. He finished his studies M.A. SoDA in winter 2017, and is now based in Berlin.

Cécile Bally

is a choreographer and performer interested in the interplay of rationality and magic in performance, and often working with a combination of methodological rigor and humour. Her last production The Sleep of Reason presented vampires’ view at our world. Cécile studied economics in Paris, and holds an M.A. in economy and management. She also graduated from the B.A. Dance, context, choreography at HZT in 2016, and is based in Berlin.

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