It could be a community

Sonja Pregrad, pavleheidler, Silvia Marchig, Marko Gutić Mižimakov and Elli Kuruş »It could be a community«

Sonja Pregrad and Elli Kuruş will be hosting »It could be a community«, an exploration of the ways in which responsibility for the common is tested and exercised by means of an reading and rewriting a tarot game. The game redistributes agency and performativity by being constantly (re)invented while played, by all playing.

The deck of cards acts as a legacy, carried by different people during their travels and created by everyone who played the game in different places over the last year and a half.

Every object/gesture/person in the game is simultaneously real and a fiction/performance/metaphor, in the same way as the tarot cards are symbolic, but also concrete and archetypal and also random and mundane – screens for projection of individual desires and agencies. 

The game itself started as a process of thinking about collectivism, and everyone is indeed an expert on collectivity, just by the fact of being born into the society of humans, and non-humans.