Get Fucked


  1. To take into oneself the body of another
  2. To ascend to an altered/enlightened state
  3. A command/imperative to either improve oneself or remove oneself from a situation.

Get Fucked is a queer performance night in Neukölln, Berlin. Organised and hosted by Her Holiness, the First, Last, and Eternal Olympia Bukkakis, it has grown into a platform for queer artists and performers as well as those who engage with queerness in their work. Get Fucked aims to build a bridge between more traditional forms of queer nightlife performance (such as drag) and performers and artists from other disciplines.

Get Fucked at the HZT will feature the work of the first year SODA students, which doesn’t mean that every SODA1 student is involved. One student, Liadain Herriott, refrained from participating due to the nature of the event’s title.