Feedback in Action

Call for submissions for Feedback in Action

26.11.17 Studio 11, Uferstudios 17:30h

Feedback in Action is a 3 hour event devised by the first year SODA students with the aim to provide an insight into the workings of the SODA program. During semester students work on projects independently and come together to provide each other with feedback in various forms. To give an idea of what this process entails we are inviting any body based artists, dancers, choreographers and performers from outside the HZT to present a short 10 minute piece to which the first year SODA students will respond with various different feedback forms they have been practicing as part of their studies. As there are a limited amount of spaces, we will select at random a number of participants to show work. This is an open event and the primary aim of this exercise is not to provide individual artists with feedback, but rather to open up SODA’s internal workings to a broader audience, so everyone is encouraged to attend to watch the presentations and feedback sessions.

Please send notice of interest to