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Concept & Choreography: Christine Borch

Thanks to Rhys Martin, Henrik Müllertz, Laura R. Lindegaard, Antonietta, the technical team of Uferstudios & all the friends who provided their mood and muscles in setting up the yurt.

* * * * *

From April to November 2013, Choreographer Christine Borch was building up her yurt inside the courtyard of Uferstudios as a living art performance project under the title Yurban Living.

During this time she created and performed the duo Intimate Nature in collaboration with the Arab horse Anik, as well as the performance Body in Progress III with performer Moss B. Juckes in her 6th month of pregnancy.

All projects came from a wish to create a direct link between art and life, suggesting choreography as a practice of staying present with what wanted to be seen and expressed between these specific beings in that certain environment. The Body that Became as a result of that specific encounter.  

Beside of being the home and sharing platform of Christine, the yurt hosted various art experiences by invited artists, dancers, writers, bodyworkers & musicians exploring art as ritual and as a space of healing.

As a result of her commitment with this circular way of living and the unpredictable adventures that came along with it, in 2015 Christine moved her yurt to the island Møn in Denmark and birthed the project Drømmesalen (Hall of Dreams). Here she began choreographing and crafting spaces for dreaming & dying, shamanism & sexuality, choreography & consciousness, music & magic – in a symbiosis of contemporary and ancient cultural practices.

Now after spending three summers at the shore of the Baltic Sea and next to the Nordic forest, the yurt is back in the courtyard of the Uferstudios for the celebration of the SODA WORKS FESTIVAL offering the community a beautiful, intimate and natural space for exchange, rest & nourishment. An ancient circle for contemplations on contemporary choreography.