19 h I Studio 14 I Saori Hala: Da Dad Dada

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©️ Saori Hala

Da Dad Dada

“Da Dad Dada” is a performance project examining the relationship between a successful musical dancer in 1960s Japan, Ken Hara, and his daughter Saori Hala.
Though related by blood, Ken Hara and I were family but never familiar. After his death in 2015, I dove deeper into his history as a dancer through his personal archives.
This project, however instigated by autobiographical materials, investigates ways of mourning and acts of touching someone’s memories, not simply focusing on the personal but further expanding the narratives of actions not taken.

How is the sense of understanding and caring about death engraved into the animal instinct and to what degree?
How do “we” connect mourning with action?
Is the action for the body which is still here or the body which has passed?

Author Saori Hala
Duration 60min
Date 15th and 16th of December | 19:00
Place studio 14

Concept : Saori Hala
Performer : Saori Hala, Sarah Vella, Natalia Sesé Cabello, Samanta Hintz, Katie kelly, Ron Hiibuna, Newday Seanal Yu, Bianca Lozano Sanders, Emma Hedemann Christensen, Pauline Yasmin Stöhr, Marcell proske, Don mabley-allen, Elena Francalanci, Emmanouela Dolianti, Anna-Maria Ertl, Jos MacKain
Assistant : Yuri Shimaoka, Nelly Hakkarainen
Sound : Christophe Charles
– Support : Ryutaro miu Mimura
– Operator : Eric Wong
Light Design : Emese Csornai
Space Design : Takaya Kobayashi
Mentors: Martin Nachbar, Fuyuki Yamakawa
Costume Adviser : Claudia Hill
Tutor : Alice Chauchat
Production support : Maximillian Stelze, Nikola Pieper, Stephan Kostropetsch, Benjamin Schälike

Thanks: Enrico Wey, Tomomi Oda, William “Bilwa” Costa

©︎ Sylvia Steinhäuser

Saori Hala

She is an artist who works with a diverse range of media, including movement, film, light, sound and drawings. Her work is connected through the constant presence of the inseparable relationship between time, void, and body. These elements are developed with human action in everyday occurrences and observations. She started to dance since childhood and explored in fields of performance art and visual communication during her university days in Japan.

2011 Graduated at Tokyo University of the Arts BA Design / Tokyo, Japan
2012 Exchange studying at Weimar Bauhaus University / Weimar,Germany
2015 Graduated at Tokyo University of the Arts MA Design / Tokyo, Japan
2018 Graduated at MA SODA Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz, Berlin, Germany (expected)

Final presentations of the two years research