16th December


[SODA Works Festival and HZT winter break Party]

The time has come. Christmas break is here and the SODA Works festival is over. The time has come. To dance and burn it all away. The dance floor as a site for the remediation of anxiety. The party as a place to burn down calories and expectations.On the 16th of December 2017 bring your masters to Humboldthain Club. Embody your masters. Become your masters. And burn your masters. Shred your master degree if you have one and re-enact that artwork you so much love and hate because deep down you kind of wish you had come up with it yourself. But you didn’t. And that’s ok, because now you have the chance to get it out of the way. To sweat out the need and desire for mastery. To melt down illusions of success and become one with the dance floor – Enjoying the fleeting sensation of touching a fractal of that other illusion: eternal bliss.


Olympia Bukkakis




marum [Rabbit Hole/mina] (Techno, Drone, Acid)



Paul Wiersbinski

[The Party is free for HZT students/alumni/staff and only 5 euros otherwise. If you’re from HZT please bring friends along and share their entry costs to help us gather a crowd and offer the artists at least a decent breakfast and a bottle of magnesium pills so they can get their vital energies back after the burn down!]

facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/556755104675773/