Memoirs from a Pink Cloud

a research in

creating a collective experience
of viewing and sensing

in collaboration with Visual Artist Athena Stamati

Zoja Smutny

is an artist that spends her time creating performances, making videos, and teaching between Toronto, Montreal, Berlin and Prague. Zoja’s live and video work has been presented at international festivals, galleries, and museums  in Europe, Canada, U.S.A, and Mexico.Zoja’s main body of work has been in collaborations with visual artist Guntar Kravis (CDN), visual artist Athina Stamati (GR), and musician Victoria Cheong (CDN). Smutny has been a resident artist in Prague, Spain, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Berlin. She has completed her Masters in Solo/Dance/Authorship at UDK/HZT in Berlin

Athina Stamati

has studied philosophy in  Athens and painting in California. In 2000 she completed her MA at the Royal College of Art focusing on drawing and its relation to narrative and performance. Her practice is characterized by the conflict between the desire to approach complex interpersonal issues and the instinctive fascination with images.

She works in painting and video and has collaborated with contemporary music ensembles in London and Athens (among others with Sinfonia21, Giorgos Koumentakis and the Skalkottas Ensemble, Konstantia Gourzi.) Her work has been shown in galleries and institutions in Athens, London, and Los Angeles. In the last 10 years she has been working with performance artist Zoja Smutny researching interdisciplinary ways to create and understand.