21 Uhr I Studio 14 I Larisa Navojec: A Solo Together

warm-up 30 min. before the show

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a solo together
a solo to get there
a solo to get her
a solo to gather
a solo

A Solo Together

A Solo Together thematize the notion of utopian collectivity that I remember from my childhood lived in socialist Yugoslavia.

This is thought through the context of the post-socialist world and imagined as an event performance co-created and co-performed together with the audience.

It feeds back into a notion of community, or the remembrance of it, which no longer exists and values it in the same way.

The dramaturgy is very fragmentary: it’s a collection of individual moments where the performance deals with details such as personal artefacts, political situation, acoustic exportations or staged memory.

All those elements work like pieces of puzzles which expand into different contextual and associative spaces to create the whole, final picture. 

I will try to invite the public to create a collective thought to join together, to gather, to create a common experience being A SOLO TO-GET-(t)HER(e).

9th & 10th December 2017
@20:30 visit our WARM UP station in st. 13
@21:00 performance in st. 14

duration 60′
audience max. 60 persons

Author/performer: Larisa Navojec
Dramaturge: Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro
Video artist: Aleksandar Rapaić
Sound designer and engineer: Hrvoje Jelinčić/DJ hrwo E
Light designer: Sanja Gergorić
Hostess: Pauline Payen
Artistic advisor: Jasna L. Vinovrski
Mentor: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld
Tutors: Rhys Martin and Ric Allsopp
Photo credit: Hrvoje Jelinčić
Production: HZT, Uferstudios

Suported by Zagreb City office for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and TALA dance center, Zagreb.

Special thanks to all of my SODA peers and friends for advices, patience, positive energy , to Max, Nikola and Benjamin for technical support, to my amazig audience for taking par and to all HZT/SODA team.

Larisa Navojec

Born in 1977 in Rijeka.
She was champion of rhythmic gymnastics for number of years.
In 1995 she graduated at Ana Maletić School for contemporary dance in Zagreb.
From 1996. – 1999. she studied at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, New York. (Independent Study and Certificate Program).
In 2016 she started her MA SODA/HZT program in Berlin.

She was:

  1. – 1995. Member of Mare Sesardić Company
  2. Member of Liberdance Company
  3. – 2000. Member of Zagreb Dance Company
  4. – 2008. Collaborator, performer and choreographer in Theatre Mala Scena, Zagreb
  5. – 2001. Dance pedagogue at Liberdance

2000 has status of freelance artist at Croatian freelance artists association
2000 is active member of Croatian Dancers Association
2000 is founder and director of artistic organization TALA dance center, Zagreb
2000 is founder and director of dance festival Platform HR
2004 is dance pedagogue at TALA dance center (master classes)
2004- 2016. was continuously collaborating on Croatian national television on various projects as a dancer and choreographer
2004- 2012. was representative and member of Les Reperages network
2004- 2009. is organizer and initiator of the project Go out and dance
2009- 2010. was assistant pedagogue at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts
2011 is active member and co-creator of projects in Nomad Dance Academy CRO
2011 is co- creator, organizer and producer of TASK project
2013- 2018
. is representative of TALA in Life Long Burning EU project
In 2014 was member of IMRO strategy group on project “Building creative city: “Development of cultural and creative industries”
2014 is artistic coordinator in KLIKER network
2014- 2016. 
was representative and coordinator for Croatia in project GENERATOR
2017 is member of association of culture and creative industries at Croatian chamber of economy

Over the years she participated in making more than 90 different performances, in 20 as author.

She was awarded with numerous prizes:
Enters encyclopedia of sports as the first gymnast in history of Croatia that participated in the European (1992 & 1993) and World Championship (1993)  in Rhythmic gymnastic

  1. ”I ‘am me” – best performance at International festival “Zlatna paličica”, Ljubljana
  2. ”I’ am me” – best performer at festival “Poletni lutkovni pristani”, Maribor
  3. ”Parachutists” – best choreography at “IX ASSITEJ festival for children and young”
  4. Croatian Theatre awards – best contemporary dancer
  5. Croatian dancers association – annual award for the promotion of contemporary dance, development of regional and international cooperation, establishment of choreographers and presentation of Croatian dance scene

Today she works as performer, choreographer, creator, author, pedagogue, producer and organizer of different dance projects.

Final presentations of the two years research