A bit of Peace

It’s 2017 and Germany has decided to send to the Eurovision Song Contest a newly-arrived representative of its local population to sing a song about their life in the new country. Named after Nicole’s 1982 winning German Eurovision entry, this performance attempts to stage repetition, estrangement, failed attempts to lipsync, a loss of culture and more as inherent parts of cultural ‘integration’.

The piece was originally performed as a for-video performance and featured at the exhibition This is a Free Zone at neue Gesellschaft fuer bildende Kunst (nGbK) Berlin, June 2017.

This is a durational performance. The audience is invited to stand, sit or walk around wherever they like and enter and leave whenever they want and as many times as they want while it’s taking place.

photo credit: Aviv Victor

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

is a performance artist, activist, and perpetual migrant from Israel-Palestine. Her performances deal with de-exotifying and de-mystifying the positions of so-called sexual or political deviants. She started performing and choreographing street interventions and queer events in the formative years of Israel-Palestine‘s queer scene before moving to Berlin in 2010 and placing her work on stage. Some of her recent works:

Watch Me Work (Berlin’s Transmediale festival, Ljubljana’s City of Women, Hamburg’s Kampnagel and more) served live webcam sex work at the intersection with feminism.

No Democracy Here deals with Arab-Israeli power relations, ‘choice’, BDSM, and representative democracy. Initially performed as an interactive street performance, it will be released as a film this year.

Terrorist Superstars (co-produced by HZT and MA-program SoDA) seeks to contest the term ‘terrorism’ within minority struggles, and look for solutions to failures of minority struggles through queer-feminist performative tactics.

Queerhana: This is a Free Zone (nGbK Berlin) is a project including an exhibition, events series, and a book exploring the queer movement in Israel-Palestine between 2001-2009 through the lense of the group Queerhana, and its present trajectories. Liad is one of its co-curators.

Through some turmulous and controvesial time at HZT, Liad managed to graduate the MA program Solo/Dance/Authorship in Berlin – with honors. She even got a scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung during her studies. Liad is the first spokesperson for sex workers’ rights in Israel-Palestine and a founder of a Berlin’s first peer project for migrant sex workers at Hydra e.V.

in cooperation with ada Studio