P Dance

I am a Man!
Perhaps almost… Or perhaps I should say that I am a man, somehow, disassociated from what maleness is within certain social beliefs.

With P Dance, it’s my attempt to create a setup for a contemporary ritual, where a potential hybrid “Ethno-Choreography” takes place. A contemporary space where the naked body is constantly transitioning between a “found“ archive of social dance patterns, while addressing reflections on globalised notions of gender, and positioning them with older folk traditions.

P Dance takes as its starting point the folk dance and costume of “Careto”, which is considered as a symbolic rite of passage from boyhood to manhood in Podence, Portugal. From its roots in European and medieval agrarian cultures, the “essence“ of Careto has morphed into different textures and aesthetics, depending on its sociocultural values and usages.

Appropriating the costume associated with the ritual and repositioning it as a queer object, I investigate and “draw” together influences from Judith Butler, popular dance and Drag culture, to question, explore and deliberately to fail in the attempt of magnifying/performing melancholic assumptions of masculinity.

Through P Dance the naked movements create a visceral and relentless physical language, with my body as a central point of focus, as a screen for communal projections.
This questions and navigates through potential archetypal and stereotypical ideals of maleness, and the (mis)interpretations and perpetuations of certain claimed values of masculinity.

Ivo Serra

Born in Lisbon, Portugal (1979), Ivo Serra is a Berlin based choreographer, visual artist, videographer and performer.

Approaching his work from a queer perspective with an emphasis on gender and identity, Ivo’s interests lie in ethno-choreology and folk traditions with a focus on the translocation/s of myths and rituals of passage from their historical and original contexts into new and other contemporary territories and spaces.

Since 2003, his work has been shown internationally within Dance and Live Art Festivals (Yksin sateessa “Lonely in the Rain” Festival in Joensuu, Finland; Skorohod Theater, St. Petersburg, Festival Temps d’Image Portugal; Moscow Russian Dance TsEKh Agency; Retrospective 15th Anniversary season. KUNST-STOFF arts, San Francisco; INZUCHT Festival, Berlin, Germany), galleries, video and performing art venues (Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève; 39th annual Dance on Camera Festival co-sponsored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. NYC; Festival d’Images Vidéo artistique Centro Pablo Neruda Nimes; SCREEN DANCE BASEL International Film Festival for Dance and Performance. Switzerland; Montage Video Dance Festival, Art Creative Media & Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa; Dance in Focus – International Festival of Video & dance Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

From 2008-2010, Ivo worked at REAL, Lisbon, Portugal with João Fiadeiro as the main video archiver, where he developed the companies video library, which documented and catalogued the groups performance and residency program. In 2010, he completed his bachelor in Visual Arts in Ar.co, Lisbon, Portugal. After which he received an award from Inov-Art, 2a Edition Program from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture (2010-2011), which enabled him to work with Movement Research, New York City as their videographer and archivist.

Since 2011 he has collaborated and performed with Tino Sehgal on “This Variation” (Documenta 13, Kassel; Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, etc). In 2014 Ivo Serra received the scholarship Studeinstiftung des Deutschen Volkes to support his MA of arts at UDK-HZT on the SODA program (Solo, Dance and Authorship) Berlin, from which he graduated with a first class honors in 2016.

Supported by Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Centre d’ Art Contemporain Genève, Switzerland, Ponderosa community organization, 2nd edition of Nomadic School (Festival Homo Novus- Riga, Latvia), Caretos de Podence non-profit organization.